Customer Testimonial Sources

We all know how important it is to showcase testimonials on a website. It’s certainly worth checking out what others have said about a business to reinforce the decision to try out their product or service. Here, we look at the sources which can be used to generate testimonials on a site, there may be an opportunity to showcase customer feedback which is currently overlooked or underutilized.

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Old fashioned ‘thank you’ notes

When you receive a ‘thank you’ by mail it’s not as easy as cutting and pasting to capture the text – or is it? Actually, this kind of customer feedback can come across as the most genuine as its unique handwriting and choice of note set it apart from the more common online text – we all rely on technology for just about everything. Take a picture of the card and share it to social media or copy the text to the website as a testimonial. It will stand out precisely because it is not ‘run of the mill’.
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Feedback from colleagues

When you get great feedback from another professional who interfaces with your team or uses your product, that is just as valid and valuable. For instance, if your cake supplier is happy that you’re always flexible and easy to arrange logistics with, the implication is that your team will bring that professionalism to their interactions too.

Social media comments

If you post to social media and get a great reaction, those comments can be recorded and reused. Better still, everyone else who sees that post will also likely pick up on the positive feedback.


Similar to the ‘thank you’ notes above but perhaps more common nowadays, emails are a treasure trove of feedback – good and bad. The good ones can help build data for reviews and the feedback which is negative should be addressed as soon as possible.

Video testimonials

Don’t shy away from getting feedback which can be shown as a compilation or featured video. Especially if there is already videography at an event. An example would be a skydive which is being filmed. When back on the ground it would be easy to ask “how was your experience today with this company?” Clever editing would mean no compromise to the skydiver’s keepsake and some great footage promoting the firm.


When a customer says something fantastic to you directly, ask if you can quote them. Hopefully, the answer will be “yes” but even if the answer is “no”, nothing ventured, nothing gained!
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When the testimonials are used, it’s easy to state the source, so look around and make sure your customer feedback is being leveraged. If you are looking for creative internet marketing ideas, contact us today. We can help integrate your reviews into your online presence so that more people see them.


New Year Resolutions Reinvented for a Modern Website

This could be a deliberately misleading title but we’re not thinking about the definition of your monitor, we’re thinking about the resolutions linked to this time of year – New Year!

When it’s ‘out with the old and in with the new’, January prompts a fresh look at old habits so why not apply the same thinking to your website? If your website is looking ‘so 2016′ (or 2010!) then here are a few pointers to revamp your online storefront.

Out with the Old

A common resolution – on your website it could be compared to renewing your images. Did you take some great promotional shots in 2016 but haven’t got around to uploading them yet?  It’s easy to put things on the back burner and before you know it, December is history and your customers are thinking of spring. Make sure when a new potential client clicks in to look at your products or service, they are seeing the best you have to offer.

Lose weight

Oh – that does sound like a common New Year’s Resolution. On a website that could translate into cutting down on clutter. Re-reading your content and editing out the fillers. Visitors to your site often will skim the text blocks so make sure the text you carry is direct and represents your message.

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Get Organized

If your site has organically grown over the years and now covers many pages, ask a colleague or a new employee to  give them your opinion on how easy it is to navigate. Would the site benefit from a new menu structure? Would it be more intuitive or look more inviting?

Stop Procrastinating

If you have plans to develop or redesign your site, there is no time like the present! If you have been mulling over ideas for a while then maybe it is time to take action.

Spend less time on Facebook

(yes, that is really one of the top resolutions for many people!)

If you worry about how much time you (or your employees) spend on Facebook, then at least make sure your business has a presence and you are using social media to help with your marketing strategy. Social media marketing is a valuable tool in business today.

Keep up with the times

Does your site have a copyright date on the footer? If so, does it need to be updated soon…

Modern website

Don’t get left behind

For some business types, this time of year is the busiest of all, no time to relax and maybe even a bigger team working seasonal hours. Once the rush turns into a trickle you may want to cut prices and sell the rest of your inventory (especially if it is stenciled with 2016!). That’s a prime opportunity to put a banner on your site as well as promoting your bargain across your social media profile. If you expect the promotion to be relatively short term then let it ‘take over’ your graphics so you can draw attention instantly.

Do you have a thoroughly modern website? If not then Trulium can help you next year. Contact us today if you resolve to make a change:

Happy New Year!

Spring Clean your work space

It’s that time of year and as good a time as any to tackle your desk and desktop. Here are some easy spring cleaning tips to make your work space and desktop a more productive area.


The inevitable first step is to clear out the obvious papers, receipts, notes, broken pens and other debris that has built up. It will be easier to work, less stressful and easier to keep clean.

Business cards

If you ran out of cards a few months ago, or worse, if you have scribbled your new phone number over the ones you have left, get some new ones ordered. Put them in a prominent place on your desk so you remember to give them out to new contacts and they think to ask for them when they’re introduced.

For business cards you have collected and need revisiting,  reach out online, make sure you plug in the names to your social media networks (like LinkedIn, Google+)

Eliminate duplicates

Shortcuts in more than one place will lead to confusion down the line when they need updating.

Ancient links

If you are new to the job or haven’t clicked into shortcuts for months, don’t assume they can be deleted now. They could be only relevant at tax time or when you’re contacting the vendors for the annual office party. Create an ‘archive’ folder and move the links there. When you’re sure they are no longer required (when you never have need to go into that folder), you’ll have more confidence to clear them up.


collageAlways attaching the same group of pictures? Put them into a collage. It looks more professional and you’ll never miss one by accident. Along the same lines, if you’re sending out attachments with random names (like DCS00876.jpg), rename them now to organize your files and present a better first impression for your contacts.

Process and Procedures

For hard copies of documents, check you have the latest version. If you can’t find a print date or latest update, go to the master of the document and add version number or edited date fields then reprint so you know you are working from the correct source. Similarly, if you have scribbled over your notes to update a process or procedure, get the master updated so your colleagues (or your successor) will also benefit.


spring clean your desk1Look around at what makes you smile … would you like a more up to date photograph or a motivational quote? Do you want to brighten things up with some colored paper / highlighters / cool stationery? Making sure you have what you need can also be fun, a place for everything and everything in its place but maybe you have unique paperclips or a stamp to mark when you have processed an invoice.


Other ideas which might work for you:

  • color code
  • add a tray or basket for ‘pending’ or ‘in progress’
  • have a designated area for outerwear / bags, make that your ‘personal space’ so your desk appears professional
  • use a cutlery drawer or simple dividers to manage your stationery or tools
  • before you leave your office, make sure it looks the way you want to find it the next day. Once routine, this will be your path to leaving the office on time and not falling into the trap of ‘just cramming in one last thing’ when your mind is already on dinner.

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Connecting with your prospects starts with knowing your prospects

New prospects are the key to your future success. Whatever your advertising budget, no business likes to waste time and energy on finding new potential clients and still come up empty. When it feels as though you are a very small fish in a big ocean, there are some tips and tricks for finding new prospects, focusing your time, energy and investment with a strategic plan.

  1. What does your current client base look like?

Start by looking at your top existing clients and try to find a link between them. Are they all in the same core demographic, are they geographically concentrated, are they part of a network which you would like to be introduced to? Are your key contacts typically in a certain department or forum?

  1. Leverage your good work

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Your best advertisement should be your portfolio of work. It’s a showcase of the services you offer and gives a potential client a picture of what you can do for them. If your business is art, take every opportunity to show bold and bright images. If you are selling food, make up samples and take trays to nearby office buildings or parks to create a buzz and attract your local consumers. If your tents are hired for receptions, or your limousines are hired for a corporate function, make sure your business name or contact details are visible and accessible.

  1. Highlight Testimonials

When you have clients who give you good testimonials, highlight them. This means more than having a ‘testimonials’ page on your website – a prospect would have to be very interested already to go and find that data. Put the reviews front and center, scatter them across all your branding as you’re sure to say great things about your own business, it carries more meaning when coming from one of your customers. What would that look like? It could be

  • Posting the review to social media
  • Adding a quote to separate sections on your website
  • Adding text to images on your site so the testimonial can be seen on sliders or featured images
  • Including a review on printed material, flyers, business cards

sample testimonial on image for blogThe reviews should be as concise as possible. Credibility comes from adding a name and maybe the City, State (eg The best burger in town! – John, Denver, CO). Unless you’re going to update the content frequently, don’t add a date as it will soon look old. If you are going to update with new reviews frequently (monthly perhaps), then adding the date becomes an added selling point as it proves the current quality of your work. The viability depends on how many reviews you receive and the workload in keeping your branding current.

  1. Ask for a referral

Your customers almost certainly have their own network of professionals (or friends) who at some point will be looking for the services you offer. They may automatically think to refer your business, but would be more inclined to if you have already suggested the idea. A great way to put yourself in the front of their thoughts is by offering an incentive, for instance, refer a new client and receive one month free, or receive a gift card.

  1. Think ‘out of the box’
  • If your clients are local, go ‘old school’ and consider postcards, flyers on doors or ads on local bulletin boards
  • Sponsor a local sports team or school event to get your logo and name in front of the community
  • Partner with a business that dovetails with yours to run a joint campaign and half the costs or double the reach
  • Ask existing clients how they found you and see what has worked in the past
  • Leverage your existing network by asking if they will display your business cards or brochures

Lastly, position your business so that you can be easily found by those prospects you have not actively reached out to. Optimize your website, post to social media, consider online advertising, look for trade shows, connect across social media platforms like LinkedIn and Google+. Make it so easy to contact you that your prospects pick up the phone or email you immediately.

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3 Tips for Making Your Company’s Social Media Better

You may be noticing more and more companies these days utilizing social media to promote their businesses. Social media is a great for accomplishing this aim as long as you are clear about your focus.

Here are three tips for making the most of your company’s social media:

  • Make sure you create individual pages for your business versus your personal accounts. It’s best to have a professional identity and branding for your business that’s separate.
  • Look at your goals and then use each social media platform for that specific purpose. Some examples: LinkedIn can be used to connect you with others in your profession and establish your credibility as an expert. Twitter can be used to promote quick company news items, and Facebook is great for creating new content and links that can go back to your website.
  • Establish a schedule for posting items and be ready for feedback. If you post too much about your company, too often, people may start to tune you out or you may lose social media followers. You want to establish a regular presence but not overwhelm people. Be sure to mix up your content with fresh, fun items.

Have a great week ahead!

Curtis & the Trulium team