SEO Competitor Analysis and Beyond

One of the components of a good SEO campaign is competitor analysis. It’s a common-sense approach to help find your own niche in any market where competition exists.

An example outside the online world may be the startup of a sandwich shop. Before opening for business, a potential location would be scouted and the nearby competitors would be identified. At the outset, if many similar establishments were found within a one-mile radius, it may seem like a deal-breaker – the marketplace is already outwardly overpopulated and it would be too difficult to make a good return. Closer inspection may turn this assumption around in many ways:

  • Nearby offices or schools bring a reliable source of hungry foot traffic
  • The very reason other establishments set up there is the high volume of passing traffic
  • Although there are many other vendors, nobody offers quite what you want to offer
  • The other products are at a higher price point

The same concept applies when setting up a website or launching a campaign to rank higher in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). In an ideal world, this analysis would be done before designing your strategy, but the real world is constantly changing so even if a ‘gap in the market’ is identified, it could disappear in the time it takes to get a site up and running. For this same reason, even when a site ranks well and is attracting business, that platform can be undermined through the actions of others who encroach on your set of keywords. What follows is a constant shifting between companies in search engine results over time.

For these reasons SEO analysis is an important component in researching your competitors but should not be taken in isolation.

SEO Analysis of a competitor could include:

  • Checking ranking results
  • Checking the number and quality of links
  • Checking the targeted audience
  • Check domain authority
  • Social Media Activity
  • Social Media Engagement
  • Keyword analysis
  • Content analysis

SEO Competitor Analysis

Valuable insights, although to get the complete picture, the following should also be considered. It’s impossible to program an online search to check off all the considerations a person takes into account when choosing one supplier over another. Some of these factors could include:

  • Customer Reviews & Testimonials
  • Quality and style of promotional material
  • Website design
  • Ease of navigating the website
  • Price check of product or services
  • Small print/refund policy
  • Rewards programs offered
  • Frequency and attractiveness of sales
  • Quality and style of images
  • Awards and recognition
  • Affiliations
  • Brand recognition
  • Community involvement

This list is much broader than SEO but ‘the big picture’ is valuable and sometimes being too technical overlooks the more aesthetic appeal or the value of trust conveyed by an A+ business rating.

When looking to attract more customers online or offline, competitor analysis makes sense and should be an ongoing process. Standing still and not considering this data may work for a while, but who is looking at you as their competitor and looking to jump ahead by analyzing your strategy?

We don’t claim to be able to help with everything, but we at Trulium can certainly help with the SEO competitor analysis. If you want to benchmark yourself and build from a starting point of solid data, contact us today.

SEO Rankings – is #1 your only goal?

Rankings are a big part of every SEO effort and it is great to see numbers change and watch SERPs display your site nearer to the top.
It’s widely understood that viewers tend to click on sites near the top of the page but here we take a closer look at the fickle world of rankings from a few different angles.

It’s more than a number

Discerning customers use the web so regularly now to shop for products and services that it only takes a glance at a page and a quick skim of the text to decide where the next click is being taken.
This means that the top choice is maybe first to be skimmed through but maybe doesn’t win the next action. Think about when you search the web yourself, do you scan the page first before clicking? So what other factors could be overriding the top position?
  • you recognize a brand name you like in a lower position
  • the title or description of the top ranked page doesn’t resonate with you or your particular search
  • a title or description of a lower ranked page grabs your attention
  • a site looks unprofessional (perhaps the title or description are truncated)
  • the site is not mobile friendly and you’re currently searching from a mobile device
  • the title or description are ambiguous and another ad sums up the service you need better
  • the site looks annoying because some of the text is in ALL CAPS
  • the text is clearly out of date – perhaps it has an old date displayed or is promoting an event which has already taken place.

seo rankings blog

All this scanning is done very quickly. The key takeaway is that first impressions count. If your keywords are showing great rankings but that is not converting into clicks there are a few things to check immediately
  • Are those keywords (or strings) still right for your business (in other words, are they still relevant enough to invest time in further investigation)
  • How popular are those keywords
  • Is your ranking analysis accurate
If your keywords are no longer relevant then a keyword review is long overdue. It’s better to start off with a new list and let go of the old reports with their months of historical data.
If the keywords are not popular then ranking at number 1 may sound nice but is not going to generate much interest. The logical step is to look for a new string which you can focus on in the rankings which maybe has a bigger share of the searches.
Double check your rankings and look at which search engine they are being recorded from. (Ranking #1 on Yahoo and bing is a good start but are those engines the main funnel into your site?)
It is normal for rankings to fluctuate so also look for a trend. In the absence of an SEO toolkit to report on rankings, just key in the searches on your own device and see how your business is presented on the search engine results page.


The aim for a business is not to rank highly for a string of 10 or 20 keywords. The aim is to attract new potential clients to your site, so when rankings are looking good but traffic isn’t being won, it’s time to dig deeper and understand the data. A good SEO agency will take the time to understand your business to tailor a plan for you. There is no ‘one size fits all’ and ongoing evaluation of the effectiveness of the keywords and their rankings should be a part of the discussion. If you are ready to explore a new SEO strategy and pin down the keywords which will work for your business, contact us today.


5 Ways to Boost Business Following a Re-launch

It can be tough to re-brand or diversify. Loyal clients might be confused by changes in image or it may be you’re hoping to appeal to a new client base. Either way, it’s a stressful time for any business (no matter how big the turnover). We’re exploring 5 ways to boost business at that critical time.

Host an Event

This could be a launch (or re-launch) party, a BBQ, a meet and greet with a local celebrity, basically a way to attract people to a particular place at a specified time so you have the opportunity to pass out brochures, leaflets, samples or promotions. To maximize your chance of success, create and promote that event in your social media. Within Facebook, you can spread the word and encourage interested parties to click that they are going. This creates a buzz online and all their Facebook friends who maybe didn’t know about your event can see it and find out more if they choose. You want a catchy name or a great visual to command attention and get noticed.


If you’re starting out with a new ice cream parlor in a cozy neighborhood, what better way to win over your first customers than by enticing them to give you a try by offering cut price (or even free) products? If you know that getting people in through your door will give you the chance to win them over and become loyal customers, it may be worth the initial outlay. If your services or products are good and delight those who try, word of mouth alone could be worth many times your original investment.

Don’t be afraid to phase out the old brand

We’ve all seen it. A new name with the tagline ‘formerly Brand X’, or ‘the new, improved Brand Y’. If you spent years cultivating a great reputation and set of customers, don’t ditch all that hard work with a re-launch. It’s fine to phase it out over time. Let your existing customers come on board and get used to the new ‘you’ before dropping the old branding altogether. Just run them alongside each other letting the old logos get smaller and the new ones get bigger in each successive ad.

Trulium blog

PPC Advertising

Pay Per Click Advertising is a great way to attract new customers at precisely the time you want to engage them. PPC advertising for most business interests is a good idea when you’re ready to boost business, finding new leads or simply catching the eye of clients who maybe had started to look around in your niche marketplace. It’s not a long-term strategy like SEO where making a change today could bring in customers months down the line, this is immediate, effective and gets proven results.PPC Advertising

Community Spirit

Be an active part of the community you hope to win customers from. If you’re a local business looking for local support, enter a float into the 4th of July parade or provide water stations with your brand promoted on the bottles. Enterprising business promotion ideas work for you and your potential client, for example if you want visibility and the local pet shelter needs a tent to shade the dogs, you show your community spirit and gain exposure. If your community is online then actively participate in forums and posts. Show yourself to be an authority in your specialty and you’ll build a strong reputation, which leads to winning new customers.


If you’re looking for ideas to re-brand your online presence, contact us today We know each client is unique and will work with you on a customized plan to move onwards and upwards.


SEO benefits of long tail keywords

Long Tail Keywords – one key to SEO success

If you’re unfamiliar with the world of SEO (search engine optimization) then even the title of this blog may sound strange – bizarre even. So let’s take a closer look into what long tail keywords are (and aren’t) before we decide if they are valuable in your SEO strategy.

What are long tail keywords?

These are search strings which your potential clients may be keying into a search engine where you want your company to be in the running for their business. They tend to be several words (three generally at a minimum) and are less generic than their one or two worded counterparts – often referred to as ‘short tail keywords’. The best way to demonstrate is with examples.

These are examples of short tail keywords

  • necklaces
  • soup
  • gutter
  • weed killer

They are made up of one or two words (typically) and will be very popular search terms across all search engines as they could be a good starting point for consumers to start researching a purchase or service.

As the consumers search around, they may hone in on something more specific. Perhaps the necklace they want is silver, perhaps the weed killer has to target their particular problem which happens to be dandelions, perhaps they are not looking to buy a new gutter but instead want to clean out a blocked gutter.

Long tail keywords could then be the search strings they switch to using. Here are some examples following on from the list above

  • silver unicorn necklace online
  • Italian minestrone soup recipe
  • Tools to help clean a blocked gutter
  • Pet friendly Dandelion weed killer

SEO Analysis

Using online tools, it’s possible to analyze these terms further to demonstrate the difference between the traffic volumes with these search strings. Let’s use the ‘soup’ as our example here.

In one month, the term ‘soup’ is searched for 30.3k-70.8k times (that’s a lot of searches!). That could be made of of recipes, reviews, grocery promotion, diets, definitions, cookbooks, tutorials, menus, the history of soup, most popular soup, gourmet soup, budget soup … you get the picture, the list goes on and on precisely because the search term is so generic and broad.

SEO Denver

In the same month, the term “Italian minestrone soup recipe” was searched between 501-850 times – significantly less – but if you are trying to attract a following and have an awesome Italian minestrone soup recipe, the people who did key in that search string (because that is precisely what they wanted) will have a better chance of finding  you.

SEO Denver

Changing your strategy

If you leverage your SEO to look at some of these long tail keywords, not only will you have a better chance of ranking in the SERP (search engine results page) – which means even if you have a small business you could still rank highly, the people who do click on your link are more likely to be looking for content like yours as the wheat has been sorted from the chaff (the field of search has been narrowed and unrelated results are filtered out). This should translate to

  • a lower bounce rate – that means your visitors are more likely to like what they see when they do click and further explore your site
  • a greater chance of achieving your marketing goal whether that is building a following or selling a product / service

Both of those outcomes are advantageous to your business and you’ve managed to reach your ideal online contact.

SEO Denver

Ultimately, the key to success lies in finding the right mix of keywords for your business. It might not be a quick process, but it could be well worth investigating. You are the expert in your business, if you want to switch up your SEO with some long tail keywords, let us help you with a plan. Contact us today




Local SEO and Bloggers are Great

Inside all the hype about SEO and Local SEO dwells the coveted blogger. Content marketing is comprised of a lot of skills and best practices and entails a lot of work, but bloggers are a huge boost to local and global SEO. No matter your profession, there’s guaranteed to be a blog in honor of it. Bloggers are not just good for entertainment value, however: they provide much-needed exposure to blooming small businesses. In fact, the right attention from the right bloggers can zoom you into that SEO sweet spot – the one that takes care of your site rankings and your exposure to potential clients on social media and more.

We could honestly go on forever about the beauty of getting to know your local bloggers. We make a habit of keeping up with our own local heroes for extra Denver SEO juice. What is it exactly that makes us love and swear by local bloggers?

Old habits die hard; word of mouth is still a huge deal when it comes to marketing. Popular bloggers don’t need to say much about you to get the ball rolling – a mere mention from someone with a lot of clout can send swarms of conversions in your direction. It works both ways, of course. If you get in good with a local blogger who has some sway with their community, backlinks and more can boost your business’s exposure. It’s a lot easier to ask a blogger who loves your small business to post about you, guest blog, or even just mention you in a blog roll.

They Garner Real Excitement

Want actual qualified leads? Local bloggers provide that and more. When a blogger likes, adores, and especially loves your small business or product, they are giving their fans the go ahead to spend. Bloggers who review products and services are the best for this, but even lifestyle/entertainment bloggers can convince people that you’re worthy of their money. Personalities run the world, after all, and your place in it is much brighter after a nod from a popular local blogger.

If They Love You, So Do Their Fans

For businesses that rely heavily (or solely) on local sales and clients, local bloggers can prove to be a huge boost to your overall success. As with the excitement they garner, they can pass on information that is pertinent to your small business: your upcoming sales, best items in your store, best employees to talk to, etc. Any reviews done by a popular local blogger will also show a boost in enthusiasm for your business. Where your ads and social standing may fall short, there are plenty of people who trust and believe in their favorite personalities enough to take your worth at face value.

Love and learn your local bloggers, and do it fast. Local bloggers are the key to boosting your local SEO, and the more they love you, the more your business will shine.

Why Local SEO is Critical

Let’s talk local SEO services…

Local seo (and local seo in general) is changing. Of course, as we’ve mentioned before, anything to do with Google, SEO, and best search engine marketing practices in general are constantly on the move. It’s a confusing aspect of running a small business (and even a large business at this point), especially when it comes to allocating the proper effort to the proper techniques. Local SEO with a whole lot of effort behind it is essential any way you cut it. Without it, your business is essentially invisible to the many eyes and ears that are seeking services in Denver. So it’s best to keep up with changes Local-SEO-Nov-largeand adjustments if you want to see true success.

The truth is, search engine marketing can make or break a small business on the rise. It can either bring you valuable customers or give the other guys a monopoly on the clients for your field. Proper local SEO does three major things for your business. It:

Keeps You in View

There’s a lot of local competition! Google recently made algorithm changes that lists only the top three local businesses in search results. What used to be a page worth of opportunity has now been narrowed down to the very best – it’s like gold, silver, and bronze medals. Getting into the top three is a hard journey but optimizing local SEO is a major step in the right direction.

Keeps Your Customers Informed

The very basics of local SEO spell out who you are, what you do, your address and your hours of operation. People can easily look into those basics with a quick search, giving you more time to focus on the bigger fry and less on those calls about minute details. If someone wants to find out where we are and what we do in Denver, for instance, they’d only have to put in our name and have these details pop up. Local SEO provides not only improved search engine marketing, it makes things easier on your small business.

Gets You New Clients

New clients are what it’s all about, right? There are a lot of eager shoppers and a lot of those shoppers and prospects need what you have. Proper local SEO narrows down the pool, giving you access to just those who are looking for you. With professionally optimized search engine marketing, you put yourself right in their view. The top three is definitely the place to be!

Local SEO also helps out your global SEO, believe it or not. The abundance of information provides you with more backlinks, with more site clicks, and with more specification – all things that Google loves and adores. Having these things work off of each other saves you a good bit of energy!

Neglecting your local SEO can prove detrimental to your site traffic, your prospecting, and even the health of your small business overall.

Be sure to stay on top of local SEO news and, when in doubt, pass the torch to a professional seo company, like Trulium, Inc.,  who can keep your business afloat.

Why your Business Needs Reviews

Reviews can be considered one of the most dominant factors in a consumer’s head when it comes to a purchase.

We’re all guilty of diligently going over reviews before we make a decision on everything from services to cars. When you’re on the lookout for a brand new computer, what’s the first thing you browse to get a better idea of its functionality? When you’re in the market for a new hairdresser, what is your top concern when figuring out if you can trust that person?

If you’re like most people, you wonder what others who have tried those products and services have to say. It’s how we’ve evolved as shoppers. We look to each other to tell the actual truth beyond marketing and brand awareness. Consumers in this era know how to find the answers they need to keep them away from schemes and bad businesses.

In that vein, there’s nothing more skeptical and disheartening than a business without reviews. It’s because of this that you should ask for reviews every time your business does satisfactory work with a client, and you should never be ashamed of it. Most people are more than happy to give their opinion on your business if they’re reminded.

Reviews are essential because:

Good Reviews Mean Business

A review is not just some client rattling on about your services. It’s essentially confirmation that you are worth the money. A happy customer is much more convincing than you’ll ever be to a potential client. It is especially telling when someone takes the time out of their busy schedule to go on about how great your company treated them, and it makes the sales funnel that much shorter.

Reviews are SEO Heaven

Getting people to talk about you online is pure beauty to your local SEO. The more your business is linked and mentioned, the better chances of it coming up higher in search results. Good reviews on sites like Yelp and Google will pull you up even higher, so make sure to spread the review love as often as possible. It helps to have links available for happy clients to click through email – this saves them time and gives them even more reason to like you. Your search engine marketing will reap many benefits from a client’s visible happiness.

Remind Them Why They Love YouTrulium-Oct

A happy customer is a repeat customer. Giving a client a chance to review everything you did right gives them more incentive to come back. It’s the best type of memory jog when all is said and done.

Without reviews, your business could very well be left in the past. People do their own research now-a-days. You may be their top choice before you even meet them, especially with the right atmosphere. Boost the chances of that lead choosing you over everyone else by building great reviews.


Five Ways Local SEO Can Help Small Businesses Gain Market Share

Even after a small business gets over the initial start-up hump, there is a lot of work to be done to reach success. Without exposure, many business owners find themselves fighting a losing battle against better known companies. The best way to give your business the strength and customers it needs is through well executed local SEO.

Local SEO is vital to garnering the attention and interest needed to thrive. People want to know that a business they are considering is worth their effort, and they will look to the internet to find out. Having your foot in the door at various popular local venues, with the community in general, and even with local bloggers can give you credibility. For local exposure, you find your best bet inside your community, online and off.

Here are five ways your small business can use local SEO to gain market share:

Build and Edit Citations

Online references to your business’s name, address, and phone number are called citations. Citations are an important aspect of your SEO journey, and to your business as a whole. Building the list of online directories that list your information can be made easier with tools like Yext and Whitespark, but you can also go through manually and make an impression yourself. Keep your data consistent! Write the information out in a document so that you can easily refer to it or copy/paste across the board.

Check to see where you are already listed and update those citations for accuracy. Top citations like Google, Yellow Pages, Yelp, Bing, and more should be your first (but not only) priority. Wherever you aren’t listed, add your correct business information. While it can be a tedious process, abundant and accurate citations are an essential step for local SEO.

Join Up

Joining local groups and events is a surefire way to get local exposure. Try to optimize your time by joining local groups that are at least somewhat similar to your own business, or at least have members who could spread the word. This works wonders for local SEO when paired up with the websites and newsletters of local groups; you can link your site or list your business directly.


Everyone loves a teacher! Depending on your field, mentoring students or even adults can be a worthy venture. Teaching a class on baking when you’re a baker, for instance, sets you apart as a credit to the practice. You gain respect and plenty of exposure with the parents, or adults themselves, that sign up (and, of course, your links and business named in local papers are excellent advantages for local SEO).


The importance of a highly optimized site cannot be stressed enough. Your site ties all the other tips together. Any links, even from directories, that lead to your site are going to cause a great impact on your local SEO ranking. Have something professional and easy to navigate to offer when prospective clients click your links.

Testimonials and reviews are also important, offering plenty of information on the quality of service your provide. The more prominent a reviewer is in your local community, the better the exposure. Offering discounts for reviews and similar rewards is a great way to pull honest opinions to your site, giving you credibility.

Be Loud

Above all, be proud of your small business! Link to your site and social media whenever it is appropriate (including in comments you make on any site). When you’re out and about, ask other local businesses if you can leave a few dozen business cards with them so people can pick them up on the way out. There are even plenty of blogs that would be willing to review your items or services if asked. Being shy about your hard work is never a viable marketing strategy.

Generating genuine interest and gaining market share takes a bit of work, but is ultimately worth it. Optimizing local SEO places your business at the forefront, giving you the best exposure hard work can offer!

Trulium offers an array of Local SEO options. Each of our plans is completely custom and catered to the needs of your business. Contact us for more information or to get a quote!