Hot desk with harmony

The concept of using a ‘hot desk’ office system is popular in Europe and is catching on across the US. Hot desking is the sharing of office desk space between two or more employees. Most commonly when a full time position is shared by part time employees, but it could also be because of shift work, to save money or to save space. Some companies even adopt a hot desk workspace to encourage new interactions between staff, sort of a ready made networking solution to build new contacts without sending the team away on a team building exercise. If the manager is also in on the moving around, they get to see staff in a different way and can gauge the team interactions and changing dynamics. It can be stressful so we’re looking at ways to compromise and work together in hot desking harmony.


  1. track changes copyTrack changes if you are co-authoring the same document. When you are contributing to the same document, take advantage of the ‘track changes’ feature when word processing so that you effectively give a ‘handover’ of your progress which can be quickly reviewed as your colleague takes over. Even more important than the text that has been added, if text has been changed (deleted) it can be seen and either accepted or challenged.

It’s easy to access and to explore the options – click on review -> track changes or click in the editing box on a google doc and track changes.

  1. It takes compromise, learning to understand that you no longer take ownership of the desk as maybe you have been used to. That means cutting down on the personal photos, books for lunchtime reading and no longer leaving your snacks in the desk. It’s easy to see that the office takes on a more business like (generic) appearance which can be an attractive proposal especially if customers visit the office.
  1. hotdesk with wireless keyboard and mouseA wireless keyboard and mouse for each person minimizes setup time.
  1. Have a daily routine of cleaning down and sanitizing the desk area ready for the next person.
  1. Set up a clear hierarchy of files for those which are shared by everyone and those which are personal. (For instance on the server set up a folder structure where it is obvious who should be accessing the data held there and protect the content with passwords if applicable)
  1. The desk doesn’t necessarily give the privacy you need sometimes to deal with a personal (or personnel) matter, sometimes you need silence to focus or brainstorm, for these occasions the office should have a quiet meeting room that you are able to borrow.
  1. This works best when mobile phones are used for inter-office communication as it can be difficult to pin down employees to a particular extension if they are moving around. If part time workers are sharing a desk for the same role, the traditional extensions may still work out. When email is the preferred communication, hot-desking has few pitfalls.
  1. Little gestures go a long way – a bowl of mints or candy to share will literally sweeten the desk area :-)
  1. Passing through the area and knowing someone else will also use it automatically de-clutters the space and discourages papers being left around. Keep a clear tray of ‘work to do’ and write ‘handover’ notes where required.
  1. Security – beware the temptation of scribbling passwords on notes inside drawers or under the keyboard.


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Practical Hints and Tips for Website Content

Some advice on creating websites and website content is so academic, the nitty-gritty helpful tips are overlooked – so this is a common sense guide to setting off on the right path.


Only List Prices in One Place
It’s a slippery slope when you start listing prices across your site. Sooner or later, the inevitable will happen and you will update some – but not all – of the new prices. What’s the guessing that your next client finds the only one at the discounted rate and holds you to the bargain? Use links to track back to a master price list if required.
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Think Generic
If you can reuse content at some point in the future then think generic. Avoid mentioning current events or pinning down dates on a calendar. A good example would be a campaign designed for the Holidays. Choose your colors and style then rotate out the look when you’re ready. Next year at the same time, dig out your generic campaign and it will only need a minor revamp instead of a major rework.


Naming Conventions for Pages
The links are displayed at the top of the browser so keep them consistent and logical. They may follow your menu structure but plan ahead in case your menu structure changes, does the page name stand alone and make sense? This also helps with any optimization of your site – thinking ahead about the perfect page name will help later.


Naming Conventions for Images
When a picture is new and you can’t wait to showcase it, you’ll upload it immediately. Perhaps the name is a filename like DCS00345.jpg. Take a few extra seconds to rename the file first and adopt a naming convention that works for your business eg sunflower design fluffy pillow. In the future, whenever you need to find that great picture again, chances are you’ll search on at least part of the title and will find it. Spending too much time  thinking of how best to rename the images? Just stick to sunflower fluffy pillow1, sunflower fluffy pillow2 etc. They’ll still come up on the search and you won’t agonize over how many permutations of the words you can find.


Don’t Duplicate Content
Utilize internal links to other parts of your site. Not only does this ‘de-clutter’ the pages, you will only have one source of data to update with changes. If you want the same data displayed on multiple pages there are better coding solutions (eg widgets, headers, footers).


Open Links in a New Window
Especially if you are linking away from your site, make sure to select ‘open in new window’ so that if your viewer clicks and then looks around on the new site or gets distracted, your site is still open and they are reminded to continue on your page.
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Responsive Design
It’s not enough to use a responsive design template. Take the time to look at your site on a variety of mobile devices. Check out not only the layout, but the page load times and the ease of navigation.
Website Content


Organize your Source Data
When you start a folder and have maybe a few dozen files, it’s easy enough to see the screen and find what you need. As your number of source files grow, this can become a time burden. Start out with logical folders and subfolders then stick with your system. It is your own personal virtual filing cabinet. This also reduces the need to fit every keyword into a filename, if a picture is within the ‘summer’ folder the need to add ‘summer’ to the title is negated.

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Why Spend Money on Internet Marketing Campaigns?

The short answer is obvious … the hope is that the money invested will generate more revenue that your spend.

That’s the basic premise of any marketing campaign, yet there are specifics around internet marketing campaigns  that make it unique. Here we explore some of the pros and cons.

It’s 24/7

Even when you’re sleeping, your advertising could be attracting a new potential client. The Internet never sleeps and nor do its marketing campaigns. Nowadays a customer needn’t shop when the local store is open, there are online opportunities to browse and with many retail sites offering free (or deeply discounted) shipping rates, it’s just as easy to purchase from another state or another country as from a store around the corner. Often you may have a delivery and you never need to know how many miles it traveled to reach you. The flip side of this argument is that if you are trying to buy local or buy domestic products  then you may have to do extra research online to verify you are not getting imported goods or products that have been shipped cross country.


Your competitors are already using it

internet marketing campaigns

Some form of internet marketing is now almost taken for granted. If your ‘online voice’ isn’t at least shouting out to be heard, then your competitors will be reaching a client base you are passing by.

It Works


Every now and then a new ‘fad’ comes along and for better or worse, companies big and small like to jump on the bandwagon. The principle is that ‘it is better to try and fail than to miss out on the next Big Thing’.  Well, Internet Marketing campaigns are far from new and the reason that companies stick with them and relaunch new campaigns periodically is because they work! As more and more shopping and browsing is done online, it is likely to increase in importance as the super cyber-savvy younger generations become the big spenders.


Keep It Current


Your price point has changed or you lose a connection with a critical supplier, there are many things that are beyond your control as well as evolutionary changes that affect your business. Being able to update your online pricing or product lists instantaneously gives you the power to plan ahead and implement change on your schedule. Compare the flexibility of being able to change your marketing with a few keystrokes to printing out hundreds of brochures / flyers / leaflets / postcards / business cards / coupons that then commit you to honor the offer. A potential disaster if there was no expiry date on the promotional material, and now your costs have escalated!

The downside of being in total control and changing things with a few keystrokes? If you make a mistake,  it may be seen by a customer before you notice the error. Omit a zero off your price and customers will still expect it to be honored.

There are lots of choices


Clearly what works for one business may not necessarily work for another. There are lots of choices around how an Internet Marketing Campaign would suit you. It’s important to research your options, weigh the relative strengths and weaknesses including cost and then make an informed choice. A good place to start may be to check out what your competitors are doing and see if their approach appeals to you, could you imagine how you would make your presence unique and appealing?

Internet Marketing Campaigns

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