Are you Overspending on PPC advertising?

A way to maybe save money on your PPC advertising sounds too good to be true … but read on. In a Pay Per Click campaign you know that you can set a daily budget and you’re fairly sure you understand your financial exposure. The goal of the campaign is to reach as many people as possible and entice them to click on your ad (and not a competitor).

 Simply put – NO!

The true goal of the campaign is to reach as many likely potential clients as possible, entice them to click on your ad (and not a competitor), engage with your site and become a happy client. Getting a million clicks and no new business is a waste of money. Here we look at possible reasons you could be spending too much money on your PPC campaign.

They are also all valid factors to consider before setting up a campaign if that’s on your business plan.


1. Catchment Area
How wide do you cast your net when setting up your PPC advertising? Jut because you have clients who come in from 100 miles away for your awesome product doesn’t mean that you should spread your net that far. This decision is totally dependent on the type and availability of your product / service in your niche market.
If most of your clientele are very local then look to focus in on a small area. When you set up the campaign, look at the number of people in the area you are about to select and double check if it sounds in the right ballpark to you.
If your business does not have an actual storefront, if shipping costs are not a major factor, or if your services are intellectual rather than physical (like proofreading or website creation or animation), then these limits are not imposed by logistics of geography – rather look to ‘hotspots’ where you know your business already does well or focus on a new area you specifically want to break into.PPC advertising


2. Generic Keywords


If you use keywords that are too broad in scope then you will be presenting your ad to people who will be disappointed with the result – they will be less likely to click on your branded ads in the future and your ads will receive a poor ‘quality score’ for delivering a poor customer reaction.
As an example, let’s say you sell fishing nets. If you choose a keyword of ‘nets’, you will also pop up onscreen for people searching for cargo nets or soccer nets. That’s because the keyword is too generic – too broad in scope. The more precise and specific you can be about describing your product, the more likely the right people will find your ad.


3. Very popular keywords
PPC campaigns are fiercely fought as so much is at stake. For high volume or high profit campaigns, there is competition for popular keywords and that inevitably drives the average CPC (Cost Per Click) higher. Pay attention to this statistic as you may find yourself paying more than you are prepared to for each hard won click. It is a clever strategy to hone in on your particular niche in the marketplace. To continue the analogy from the last point, if your niche is ‘salmon nets’ then use that as a keyword rather than ‘fishing nets’. The number of matches to search strings may be lower, but if a person did enter ‘salmon nets’ into the search engine, they are looking for your business and are more likely to make a purchase  if they find what they hope to after clicking in to the site.
PPC advertising


4. How effective is the PPC campaign?
It can be hard to attribute new business to a particular marketing campaign. Maybe they saw your facebook account, maybe a friend recommended you. In Pay Per Click campaigns, it is possible to set up conversion tracking. This code tracks when a person who clicks on your ad follows up with a particular page load, clicks a specified button or if they call a number. If this tracking is enabled then you get a reasonable idea of how many new leads you are genuinely getting. Make sure you give the conversions an intuitive name – like ‘contact page loaded’ so you can review the campaign success periodically. It may be that it is obvious new clients are being drawn to your business in which case there is no need to set up an extra overhead of setting this up and then monitoring it. If that difference in the bottom line is good enough proof that the PPC ads are working, then great!


and then we run into 5. When to stop your PPC campaign
Following on from number 4, it’s great when your ads are bringing in new prospects – reaffirming you’re following a sound marketing strategy that works for you. When do you stop? Was it a seasonal rush that brought in the new business? Just as important as setting up the campaign correctly is knowing when  to run it. Once you’re happy with the capacity of your business and no longer need the extra boost from PPC, don’t forget to stop (or pause) the campaign so you save money.


You are the expert in your business. If you’re looking for help setting up or monitoring your Pay Per Click Advertising campaign, contact us today

What is the purpose of your website?

Why do you have a website?

Nowadays it is so commonly taken for granted that everyone and everything has a website, it’s easy to forget the fundamentals of why you have one and what is its purpose.

The answer varies from business to business and the lessons we can learn by addressing this question can help us understand how much time and investment it is worth spending on the website and your online presence.

Broadly speaking there are several types  of sites and their goals differ.

Educational Websites

Sites which pass on information or knowledge. This could be directions, methodology, background information, instructions. The education can be provided without enticing visitors to take a deeper look at products or services offered. For these sites, it is more common for clients to seek out the site than for the site to promote them (hence lower investment).

Entertaining websites

The curse of every office manager – sites which you visit to play a ‘quick’ game or browse through some news items, check out the latest fashion trends or find out the showbiz gossip. The sheer volume of traffic makes it worthwhile for the game developers to keep finding new incarnations and for news sites to update throughout the day to keep drawing visitors in to their online world. These sites often rely on word of mouth to reach a greater audience and may be popular only until ‘the next big thing’ inevitably takes over (in the case of games).

Social Media

Hugely popular, these sites keep you in touch with your personal or professional circles of friends and colleagues. From private accounts which can be shared with a select few, to public marketing campaigns reaching millions, the influence and popularity of social media continues to increase. Social Media Marketing is a critical component of a modern business plan.

Business Websites

Business WebsiteThis broad swathe of sites are looking to promote and market their product or service to new clients as well as retain their existing client base. The website acts as a virtual storefront and a gateway to communicate 24/7. In some cases, the website is the only viable storefront. For instance, a small business on a low budget that doesn’t have a physical office. Likewise, if you’re a landscape gardener integrating waterfalls and rockery design, it’s hard to display in the middle of Colorado in the winter – your website offers the opportunity to not only showcase your offering without seasonal limitations – you can choose the very best images when the sky was a perfect blue to invite clients to imagine the same in their garden.

The site could initiate a connection between a client and the business or it could be a website where sales are processed directly.

Likewise, where customer service is of high importance (as it always should be), enabling your customers to contact you at least via email or through a form on the website makes up to some extent for only having a customer service agent or employee at the end of a ‘phone line 8 hours a day, 5 days a week.

These are the websites which are most likely to invest in SEO – search engine optimization and web site design as the site can generate business which translates into your profit . Customers expect

  • a credible business to have a website
  • consistent branding
  • ease of navigation
  • quick page load times
  • responsive design (being able to access the site from a mobile phone or tablet)
  • to find the information they need without too much digging around
  • clear information

Your site may also directly save you time and therefore money if you provide an interface for orders to be tracked, results to be checked, progress to be determined online, quotes to be started.

As a business, you are hoping to be found on a search engine results page and be given a chance to present your site when clicked on. It sounds easy, in practice there are usually competitors in every field and clients looking for professionalism and trust – it’s rarely only about price point.

If your website is not fulfilling the purpose you intend, let us help with a plan to get your online presence back on track, contact us today

5 Ways to Boost Business Following a Re-launch

It can be tough to re-brand or diversify. Loyal clients might be confused by changes in image or it may be you’re hoping to appeal to a new client base. Either way, it’s a stressful time for any business (no matter how big the turnover). We’re exploring 5 ways to boost business at that critical time.

Host an Event

This could be a launch (or re-launch) party, a BBQ, a meet and greet with a local celebrity, basically a way to attract people to a particular place at a specified time so you have the opportunity to pass out brochures, leaflets, samples or promotions. To maximize your chance of success, create and promote that event in your social media. Within Facebook, you can spread the word and encourage interested parties to click that they are going. This creates a buzz online and all their Facebook friends who maybe didn’t know about your event can see it and find out more if they choose. You want a catchy name or a great visual to command attention and get noticed.


If you’re starting out with a new ice cream parlor in a cozy neighborhood, what better way to win over your first customers than by enticing them to give you a try by offering cut price (or even free) products? If you know that getting people in through your door will give you the chance to win them over and become loyal customers, it may be worth the initial outlay. If your services or products are good and delight those who try, word of mouth alone could be worth many times your original investment.

Don’t be afraid to phase out the old brand

We’ve all seen it. A new name with the tagline ‘formerly Brand X’, or ‘the new, improved Brand Y’. If you spent years cultivating a great reputation and set of customers, don’t ditch all that hard work with a re-launch. It’s fine to phase it out over time. Let your existing customers come on board and get used to the new ‘you’ before dropping the old branding altogether. Just run them alongside each other letting the old logos get smaller and the new ones get bigger in each successive ad.

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PPC Advertising

Pay Per Click Advertising is a great way to attract new customers at precisely the time you want to engage them. PPC advertising for most business interests is a good idea when you’re ready to boost business, finding new leads or simply catching the eye of clients who maybe had started to look around in your niche marketplace. It’s not a long-term strategy like SEO where making a change today could bring in customers months down the line, this is immediate, effective and gets proven results.PPC Advertising

Community Spirit

Be an active part of the community you hope to win customers from. If you’re a local business looking for local support, enter a float into the 4th of July parade or provide water stations with your brand promoted on the bottles. Enterprising business promotion ideas work for you and your potential client, for example if you want visibility and the local pet shelter needs a tent to shade the dogs, you show your community spirit and gain exposure. If your community is online then actively participate in forums and posts. Show yourself to be an authority in your specialty and you’ll build a strong reputation, which leads to winning new customers.


If you’re looking for ideas to re-brand your online presence, contact us today We know each client is unique and will work with you on a customized plan to move onwards and upwards.