5 Reasons to use Analytics

1. It’s Free

analytics blog demographicsWhen you’re talking about using analytics or not, it’s really a matter of why wouldn’t you at least collect the data? Even if you don’t have time to study the analytics now, you’re building a stockpile of statistics which can be studied in the future. There is no cost associated with collecting the data. The potential cost is in the time it takes to interpret and use the statistics to help your business. This may be your time or a professional you hire to analyze the data for you.

2. It’s not rocket science

Google AnalyticsIf you’ve never looked into your website’s analytics, you may think it holds tables of data which you would have to spend weeks trying to understand. The truth is that much of the data analysis is already done for you and is presented in a format which is simple to interpret and intuitive.

3. You can track changes

Google AnalyticsWhen you make a change to your website or run a marketing campaign, it is likely that you will see a change in traffic to your site or a change in the traffic flow within your site. By using analytics, you will see the impact of a change. For instance: if you launch a new design on your site, is it holding a visitor’s attention? Has your bounce rate changed or the average number of pages a new potential client looks at. Likewise, if you have launched a responsive design website, does the bounce rate for mobile devices and tablets drop as would be expected (as your site would have been difficult to read and navigate without the responsive design).

4. Get to know your customers

Google AnalyticsYou might think you already have a good idea who your customer base is, and that is probably true. Analytics brings concrete evidence of where they are, who they are,  when they are searching your site, how they are finding your site and the flow of traffic through your site. How does that help? Well, it could help to target a new promotion or it may point to a fundamental flaw in your site if a large proportion of your visitors are not finding the pages you are trying to promote. It’s also a great way to find out leads generated through your social media. If your return on investment is not as expected, it could be time to rethink your strategy.

5. Shape your future

Becoming an expert on your site performance gives you the confidence and tools to plan ahead. It also empowers you to persuade others within the company or outside that you can manage your business effectively. The data can be used to backup a case for

  • a business loan
  • renewing a business visa
  • expansion (or conversely – downsizing)
  • verifying your business model is working

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5 Reasons PPC may not be right for your business

Pay-Per-Click Advertising Pitfalls

PPC – or Pay Per Click advertising can be a highly effective marketing strategy however there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution when it comes to success in business. In this blog we explore 5 of the most common reasons why launching a PPC campaign may be a costly venture, without the return on investment you hoped for. There are always exceptions, but there are products and services which typically should be wary of committing the budget to PPC advertising.

Your profit margin per transaction is low

PPC advertising can be expensive. Advertising may drive potential clients to your website, but each click does not equal a sale. Your profit margin needs to be enough that it pays not only for the successful clicks that led to transactions, it has to cover the cost of all the other clicks which didn’t result in a sale. It’s a balancing act – clearly if your average profit per client is in the order of thousands of dollars, then PPC could be perfect for you. Where is your cut off margin and how much is each click likely to generate for your business?


You don’t have the expertise or the time to set up the campaign

PPC advertising as a strategy can be powerful, but only if you are able to hone in on the keywords that work for you and the geographical area you are best targeting. Setting up a national campaign when you are local service will result in ‘wasted’ clicks, costing you money without realizing any sales. Setting up the campaign takes research and patience. Once established, the campaign then needs to be monitored and assessed, with adjustments made as required to maximize the value you are getting for your dollars spent. If you don’t have the tools to help you or the time for ongoing assessment, PPC could be an expensive gamble.


You need to be ready now

PPC clicksWhen PPC works, it works well. As soon as you enable that campaign, you have to be ready for the increase in traffic to your website. Don’t set up the campaign a month early to try and create a buzz about an ‘upcoming product’, that will lead to disappointed customers who will then be less likely to revisit your site even when you are up and running. Customers shopping online who are ready to commit are not going to wait for you.


Your customers don’t shop online

PPC blogEveryone shops online, don’t they? Well, maybe most – but not for all products. An example might be a farmers market – customers typically would go along to see what looks good on that day. Produce and selection may change not only seasonally but on a day to day or even an hour to hour basis. If your customers are not searching online, don’t invest in PPC. In this instance an online presence providing location and hours may be all that is required.


You’re a small fish in a big pond

PPC costs vary and if you are a retailer competing in a highly competitive field, each click may cost more than you are prepared to pay. You could look at ‘long tail keywords’,  strings of several words which might target your clients but are not as generic as the more expensive shorter keywords, however this will take clear focus, research and time.


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