Come Back from a Bad Review

So, you received a bad review. No matter the reason, a bad review can send any proud business owner into a spiral of fear and regret.

The biggest thing to remember during this scary time is simple: Don’t panic! Take the ‘For Sale’ sign off your door and put down the real estate listings. While a bad review can seem like the end of the world, it happens to the best of businesses. You can bet that any household name has been dirtied up by more than a few bad reviews and ugly ratings, and yet the Taco Bells and Coca-Cola’s of the world still stand.Tru-Oct-3

The beauty is in how you deal with a bad review and whether or not people accept your apology (or your attempt to give one). Professionalism that is unwavering and customer-centric causes both ease and a certain level of trust. We all make mistakes; trust your clients to know and understand that. And when a bad review comes from someone who neither understands nor cares about that fact, you can still win with positivity.

Here are four ways to come back from the dreaded bad review:

Be Prompt

The worst thing you can do with a bad review is wait. Be sure to address the offended party’s concerns as quickly and professionally as possible. The potency of their review will only grow if it goes unchallenged. It’s also important to show other customers and potential customers that you take every concern seriously and address issues.

Be Professional

In a bad situation, especially one where a client is either irate or too angry to console, the biggest thing to remember is to be professional. At this point you are doing more showing than telling. Other possible clients want to see you handle potential problems and bad reviews with solutions, not whining and arguing. Be the professional business owner that you are and keep a positive attitude no matter what is said. Stay away from any blaming or back and forth.lo

Be Empathetic

There’s a reason customer service reps always seem to feel your pain – it makes you feel understood. Even when angry, feeling understood can put a person in a much better mood. Keep your empathy levels high when dealing with clients that are not happy with your work. With that being said, avoid sounding condescending or judgemental.

Be Generous

When a mistake is made on your part, be sure to offer services to help ease the pain of disappointment. Many people are impressed when a business offers deals or other forms of compensation to show they are truly sorry.

Of course, repeat bad reviews are terrible for your business. Change the behavior that causes the bad reviews as soon as possible and always listen to your client’s concerns. The goal is to show everyone that your business is constantly growing, which it is, and that you’re always listening. Keeping your head up and your annoyance hidden, even when you weren’t at fault, is what separates a good business from one on the way out.

Best Social Platforms

By now it has become painfully obvious that social media marketing is here for the long run.

Businesses that ignore the social landscape risk being seen as untrustworthy, outdated, and unreachable to potential leads. It has become so commonplace for a business to connect to their audience through social platforms that some companies are known more for their social marketing than for their actual services. It is because of these changes that many professionals are looking for the best fit for their business needs in term of social marketing and content.Tru-Oct2

Social media for business is a bit different than personal social networking. Your main goal is to enthrall and entertain your audience through amazing customer experience, great content, and relevant posts. That goal has a funnel – you want that same entertainment to lead to conversions for you. That means that every post is targeted and every site you use is beneficial in some way to your business.

While there are countless social platforms, each with its own unique benefit, chances are your business will utilize one of the major players: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+ or Instagram. These social media platforms each see millions  to billions of visitors every month with Facebook and Twitter topping the bunch. Some industries will see great benefit in smaller niche platforms, like Houzz (which is a must-have for any business centered around designing, remodeling, or selling homes).

Here are some aspects to take into consideration when deciding on social platforms for your business:

Who is Your Audience

Are you a B2B company (which puts LinkedIn right up your alley)? Does your company have merchandise that can be photographed and visually enjoyed? Even better, are your wares targeted directly at a certain demographic? For instance, Pinterest is the place to go if your target demographic includes women. Knowing who benefits the most from your services and posts brings you that much closer to choosing the perfect social platforms.

What Site Matches Your Business

Some say that LinkedIn is to reach your leads at work, Facebook is to reach them when they’re comfortable at home, and Twitter is to reach them on the go. Knowing who each platform caters to helps to narrow down your options. Both Pinterest and Instagram are great for businesses that are image-heavy and rely on instant customer gratification. Facebook is the place to go for targeted ads, but it’s also a very lax environment. Twitter and LinkedIn are perfect for B2B and customer engagement. It’s all in the platform’s audiences, so visit each site and see which works for your business.

What is Your Audience Looking For

This is not restricted to what your audience wants to buy. What entertains your audience? Are they more relaxed and comfortable (Facebook) or are they completely business oriented (LinkedIn)? Ask yourself these questions and then choose the sites that cater to those qualities. A combination of the things your audience might be looking for is also a huge step in the right direction. Your top two social platforms should engage your leads when they’re comfortable and when they’re on the go.

Keep it Simple

Using every platform available to you is a great way to waste valuable time and money. A virtual business that offers services, not products, has little chance(and productive) social marketing campaign.

Why your Business Needs Reviews

Reviews can be considered one of the most dominant factors in a consumer’s head when it comes to a purchase.

We’re all guilty of diligently going over reviews before we make a decision on everything from services to cars. When you’re on the lookout for a brand new computer, what’s the first thing you browse to get a better idea of its functionality? When you’re in the market for a new hairdresser, what is your top concern when figuring out if you can trust that person?

If you’re like most people, you wonder what others who have tried those products and services have to say. It’s how we’ve evolved as shoppers. We look to each other to tell the actual truth beyond marketing and brand awareness. Consumers in this era know how to find the answers they need to keep them away from schemes and bad businesses.

In that vein, there’s nothing more skeptical and disheartening than a business without reviews. It’s because of this that you should ask for reviews every time your business does satisfactory work with a client, and you should never be ashamed of it. Most people are more than happy to give their opinion on your business if they’re reminded.

Reviews are essential because:

Good Reviews Mean Business

A review is not just some client rattling on about your services. It’s essentially confirmation that you are worth the money. A happy customer is much more convincing than you’ll ever be to a potential client. It is especially telling when someone takes the time out of their busy schedule to go on about how great your company treated them, and it makes the sales funnel that much shorter.

Reviews are SEO Heaven

Getting people to talk about you online is pure beauty to your local SEO. The more your business is linked and mentioned, the better chances of it coming up higher in search results. Good reviews on sites like Yelp and Google will pull you up even higher, so make sure to spread the review love as often as possible. It helps to have links available for happy clients to click through email – this saves them time and gives them even more reason to like you. Your search engine marketing will reap many benefits from a client’s visible happiness.

Remind Them Why They Love YouTrulium-Oct

A happy customer is a repeat customer. Giving a client a chance to review everything you did right gives them more incentive to come back. It’s the best type of memory jog when all is said and done.

Without reviews, your business could very well be left in the past. People do their own research now-a-days. You may be their top choice before you even meet them, especially with the right atmosphere. Boost the chances of that lead choosing you over everyone else by building great reviews.