10 Awesome Marketing Memes

10 Awesome Marketing Memes

Chances are, if you’ve opened up an internet browser at any time in the digital age, you’ve seen a meme. There are many different types of memes. Even hashtags are technically memes. The main purpose is the short, familiar, pieces of culture that are passed around in an easily sharable format. GIFs and screenshots are notorious for ending up as hot memes, as are photos found searching the web. Memes open up a world that isn’t easily accessed otherwise – they lead you directly to your prospects’ comfort zones. They’re already viral successes and are encouraged to be shared, giving everyone (including you) a platform to speak. Many marketers have taken up that offer and created their versions of popular memes that speak directly to their consumers.

An important aspect of using memes as a more lax part of your social media marketing is to avoid the dreaded corniness. Good intentions with a meme can backfire, turning you into a laughing stock very quickly. People also get very territorial over the proper use of memes. Get to know a meme through research and the many sites dedicated to confirming the correct way to execute a variety of them (such as knowyourmeme.com) before creating and sharing your own. You don’t want to end up on a ‘Biggest Marketing Fails’ list anytime soon.

We’ve compiled a list of ten awesome marketing memes that you can customize and expand on with ease:

The Most Interesting Man in the World

– Dos Equis lucked out with their wildly popular commercial. It also became a wildly popular meme that continues to spread across the globe. This meme usually follows the template, “I don’t always ___, but when I do, I ____.”


Actual Advice Mallard

Tell people lifehacks and, true, life-changing advice that they wouldn’t have otherwise noticed with this very serious duck. Beware the red duck, though. He’s a trouble-maker.


Success Kid

Success Kid is winning at life, and he wants to share the joy! Use this meme to show you started something expecting less than favorable results and came out on top in the end.


I Happen to be an Expert on this Subject

Did you seriously not know that? Use this meme to punctuate your expertise on any subject. If you’re not familiar with anime, stick with Bill Nye the Science Guy. You can never go wrong with Bill Nye.


One Does Not Simply

Ha! Sean Bean scoffs at how easy you think things are, whether it be walking into Mordor or writing a business proposal in one sitting. Let people know how complicated the world is with this popular meme.



Imminent Ned

Speaking of Sean Bean, there’s no better character to give you a stern warning and a heap of somber advice than Ned Stark. The Game of Thrones screenshot advises you to brace yourself because…something is coming (Winter for good old Ned but something more relevant for you). This meme is great for upcoming webinars (Brace Yourself – Webinar 2.0 is coming), sales and promotional events.


Good Guy Greg

Greg is the guy you can count on. He’s the one that checks all your site photos for alt descriptions AND fills them in when they’re missing.  He’s the one that introduces you to a lead that actually closes. You get the point. Good Guy Greg is the friend we all wish we had.


I Too Like to Live Dangerously

There aren’t many points that you can’t get across with a good Austin Power’s reference. Use this meme for poking fun at simple things people do that you deem ‘dangerous’.



Matrix Morpheus

The Matrix is as real as you can get when it comes to setting people straight. This meme is there to blow unexpecting minds. The formula usually goes, ‘What if I told you (thing that will blow your mind)’?



Look, you’re excited. The ERMAHGERD meme gets that point across with all the enthusiasm of…well…a nerdy teen with a handful of Goosebump books. The main qualifier is the very understandable ERMAHGERD written at the top of the meme, followed by equally excited rhotacized exclamations.


When used properly, memes can boost your social media status in ways you’ve only dreamed. Keep calm and meme on, savvy businesspeople. The internet is waiting for you.

Mobilegeddon- Why is Mobile such a Big Deal these days?

Your business needs to fit in the palm of your potential client’s hands. This is a mobile world filled with social networks, review sites, a whole lot of online searches and a savvier bunch of potential customers than ever before. These days, business is in the palm of your hand. Any business that isn’t ready to make itself accessible will be left behind in the age before smartphones. Your leads are looking, yes, but they have many options to choose from, and it is up to you to cross their path.

Mobile-friendly sites are just one step, but a huge one, to showing up on your consumer’s radar. Being mobile-friendly is imperative to your business in many ways, including:


We are in the world of now, now, now. Businesses are not exempt from this mindset. Statistics shows that your prospective clients are looking for services via their phones and tablets more than ever. This leaves a huge space for any business that does not have a mobile-friendly site. Sites that are not mobile-friendly show up horribly on phone screens, cutting off valuable information and tend to be impossible to navigate. This error could lead to a lost opportunity, over and over again.

Local Searches

When you are a small, local business, those local searches are worth their weight in gold. Many industries benefit from local exposure, especially those that cater to the direct area around them. Mobile-friendly sites promote local SEO, giving you an advantage when your particular area is searched.

Closing Deals

A great plus to going mobile is the close rate. A whopping nine out of ten searches conducted on mobile phones end in purchases. When a person searches for goods, services, or items on their phone they are usually already set to buy. This point alone should be enough to help you embrace the need for a mobile site, but we have one more.


Keeping up with the times keeps your business professional. Each generation has its particular way of checking a company for authenticity. With all the scams going around, many of your potential customers will be checking for a few key identifiers of shady work. In the 2010’s, a business is considered shaky and untrustworthy if it does not have:

–        a clean, easy to navigate website

–        some form of content on said website

–        forms of acceptable payment explicitly listed

–        a mobile-friendly platform

You do not want to be confused with scammers and thieves. Make sure you show the pride and professionalism your business emits by having a site that leaves no room for worries.

Mobile is, to put it plainly, the present. It is what people expect in this busy world where, at the slightest thought, goods are supposed to appear before them. This world belongs to the consumer, and your business depends on being up front and center when they are ready to buy.