Why You Should Have A Mobile Ready eCommerce Site

eCommerce businesses are a growing phenomenon in our computer-savvy world. Of course, an eCommerce site has to deal with both the laws of business and the laws of the online universe. It’s not enough to just throw a site together and start selling your products anymore. Putting in all the necessary work, you’ve assured that the desktop experience your customers go through on your site is impeccable. Even with a site that is SEO-Optimized, desktop ready and user-friendly, how can you assure customer satisfaction? How do you assure that your customers user experience is enjoyable from beginning to end?

Ask yourself a question: where were you when you decided to make your last purchase?

Chances are you were nowhere near an actual computer. When you’re busy, or even just out and about, those impulses to shop don’t suddenly disappear. Even something as small as a taco can warrant a quick internet search for a local favorite. Much like 50% of all internet searches, the beginning of your experience as a customer usually takes place on a mobile device. How frustrating is it to attempt to navigate a broken, too big site on a tablet or phone? Finding that only the name of a business can fit on your screen without countless attempts to resize is probably a great way to drive your search elsewhere.

Trust that your customers feel the same way and are sensitive to eCommerce sites that are not mobile-ready. It’s a must if you’re aiming to rank high with Google’s picky algorithms as well. Having a mobile ready site can lead to:

More Sales 24/7

With a mobile-ready site, you become a traveling salesman with an edge. When someone decides they need a product you sell while out and about, it’s dangerous to hope they’ll remember you when they get home. A mobile ready eCommerce site gives customers access to your store wherever they feel like shopping.

Increased Professionalism

What’s scarier than putting your credit card information into a glitchy, buggy site? With all the scams in the world, it’s important to separate yourself from spammy sites and businesses. Most consumers are warned to stay far away from sites that seem sketchy, which is exactly how a desktop site appears on a phone. A mobile-ready eCommerce site gives the security of professionalism, encouraging your customer that they are in good hands.

Customer Satisfaction

Customers are looking for a fast, functional experience when they visit your site. As mobile screens get bigger and bigger, your site is better able to present great esthetics, helping to convince people to spend more time (and money) on your site. Instant contact via customer service is also a huge plus for eCommerce customers.

Giving your customers a great online experience, even from the smallest screen, is of the utmost importance when the internet is your livelihood. You should consider mobile-readiness to be the route to a truly satisfying customer experience and a required step for your eCommerce site.

How to get the most out of your Facebook Business Page

Who isn’t on Facebook? Chances are, with the sheer amount of people utilizing Facebook for both business and pleasure, your ideal client is out there waiting to discover you. It just takes a bit of effort to get them to you, and that is where Facebook Business pages come in handy. A Facebook Business page gives you access to invaluable social measurements, direct customer interaction and lead targeting. Businesses need to make sure their utilizing the pages correctly in order to reap the many benefits the pages provide. Here are a few tips to getting the most out of your Facebook Business page:


Facebook ads are relatively inexpensive (you can adjust a daily budget and schedule when the ad will end) and highly effective. Targeting on Facebook allows you to concentrate on the people who matter to your business so that your ads are received successfully. You can set your ads to target location, age, profession and even income bracket. With the right messaging, your business will be put directly in front of the leads you are attempting to attract.

It is also important to define your business (and your prospective clients) clearly. Fill out everything possible in your profile, including a long and short description of your company, mission statement, and location.


Engaging isn’t just about responding to your Facebook fan’s questions, likes and comments. You can take it a step further by holding contests and surveys, leading fans to your website with original blogs and photos, and so much more. There are plenty of ways to interact with Facebook fans. Don’t discount the cat pictures just yet; finding a good balance between business and fun helps attract a varied audience. Facebook is the social network you use to catch executives while they are at home, of course, so it never hurts to give them a few reasons to look.

Expect Change

Facebook is a very finicky social network. It is hard to tell from one month to the next how the algorithms will change. Though the changes can seem daunting, there is usually plenty of warning before and after a change and lots of time to prepare. Consider adjustment to be a regular part of your business strategy, whether it comes from Facebook itself or your business as a whole.


Another great plus to the admin panel for Facebook is the ability to track your impact. Facebook lets you know how many likes you’ve received, who is talking about your brand (or actively engaging) and how many people are even looking at your posts. Right down to knowing the amount of people that are responding to your individual posts, you can track what is working and what needs adjustment.


Using your ability to share posts, you can cut down your search time for content to curate. By liking pages that include content that your leads would be interested in, you give your business a neverending bank of posts. Be sure to follow both entertaining and business-specific sources – you want to teach as well as engage.

Your Facebook Business page is a goldmine of opportunity when it comes to prospective clients and word of mouth. Use it to enhance your marketing, target your best leads and broaden your reach. With the right efforts, your business can see measurable success and set itself apart from the clutter.