Visual Content Creation – 4 Ways to Produce Visually Pleasing Content

Without a doubt, visually pleasing content is time consuming. But, with just a few minutes of extra effort, your content can bloom from ehh to awesome! Below are four ways that can get you on the road to success…

1. Keep it Simple
Less is more! Only a small percentage of visitors will actually read an entire article. We are programmed to quickly scan articles on the internet, picking and choosing the data that is most relevant to our needs. About 90% of information processed in the human brain is visual and messages using visuals are processed about 60,000 times faster in the brain than words. So, simple and easily digestible content is your best bet.

2. Design
Having an understanding of basic design is critical to visually pleasing content. You only have eight precious seconds to capture the attention of readers. Don’t waste your message on poorly laid out content as this could lead to high bounce rates and negatively affect ROI. Keep your message easy to digest and attractive to readers, and always make sure to keep your target audience in mind. Are they seeking long documented articles or quick bites of entertaining facts? These are all factors that should be taken into consideration. Sub headers, high quality images, and well-designed graphics will make your content pop and keep readers engaged!

3. WordPress Plugins
You can use simple plugins to make your content more shareable; this in turn can help with social media efforts. Twitter cards, Facebook’s Open Graph Protocol are just a couple easy and free ways to control how your content looks when it’s shared on social networks. Jetpack, a wonderful tool we utilize in house, offers great tools to harness the visual impact of your content. Be proud of your content and equip yourself with the tools necessary to feel confident about how your content looks.

4. APA & MLA
Regardless of where your loyalty resides, keeping the basic principles of APA & MLA formatting will help you in the long run. These styles of writing help to convey your message in a clear, concise way and help translate ideas successfully. The most helpful way to apply APA & MLA techniques to your content is through editing. Having carefully edited content will give your voice more authority, in addition to making the content more authoritative.

Aesthetically pleasing content can be achieved through well thought out ideas, organization, and loving execution.