I’m a Small Business… How do I market for the best ROI?

Having a holistic and well-rounded marketing plan will give you the most bang for your buck. There really isn’t a single way to market your small business so it’s important you enact several different marketing strategies in order to boost your ROI. You should always avoid placing all of your eggs in one basket… So as if one plan fails, you will always have a backup. Transparency in marketing is essential to ROI. Causing confusion or not following through with basic customer service offerings could leave your small business in the dust.  Below are a few great options that should be considered when building a marketing plan for your small business.

Utilizing the Google PPC program may seem intimidating, but as a small business it can be a great way for you to compete with big brands. This is especially true for local PPC ads and using PPC for local ROI benefits through search. Keep in mind you are only paying for an actual click on the ad, so no matter what your budget is, you will have complete control. The major downside to PPC marketing, is that it can be very time consuming. Strategy plays a critical role when using your marketing dollars towards PP so throwing all of your precious budget towards only using PPC is not advised. Creativity and ingenuity rules in Google’s eyes and increases ROI.

No matter what kind of advertising you do, SEO should be on the top of the list for any small business owner. Organic rankings have proven to return investment time after time. The most important questions you must ask yourself is; What am I trying to rank for? How do I want to dominate Google rankings and how much time do I need to invest in this. Just like PPC, SEO can be a time hog, but well worth the time it takes. Understanding the foundation of Google algorithms will empower any business owner.

Social Media
While social media ROI efforts are currently difficult to track, the customer service benefits are very clear. As a small business, you can easily monitor social media chatter of your brand and squash any negative issues from the comfort of your computer. Excellence in customer service creates die-hard fans of your brand. We all want to be treated well when spending our hard earned dollar.

Business Development and all facets of it (online and in real life) are important. While networking can be scary, having real life leads can return healthy ROI. If networking isn’t your cup of tea, find someone on your team who thrives on it! It can take a special type of personality to succeed in networking and business development, but you can always research ways to become more confident and comfortable in establishing new relationships. A passionate business owner will need to stretch beyond the limits of comfort to give the brand exposure. More importantly, these types of relationships can turn into larger deals and long term relations which benefit all parties. Be genuine and have faith in your product and services, learn every single piece of your business and share your excitement with the world! Inspire others to want to seek out your advice and knowledge because no good deed goes unrewarded!

They key to ROI is creating a solid platform for all of your marketing efforts to thrive. It takes constant reporting and monitoring to ensure you are getting the best results from of your investment.

7 Ways to Repurpose Content

It can be a hard feat to give up on amazing content. You’ve come up with the ideas, you’ve researched all you could to be able to bring that content to life with the potential to fulfill, and you’ve taken the time to find photos, fact check, and make sure it’s ready. Then you bring your content into the world with all the bells and whistles, giving it love and attention and (hopefully) showing it to all the right people. Now that your content has been created and published, what do you do to make sure it lives a fulfilling life?

Here are seven ways to repurpose (and, in the same breath, nourish) content:

1. Use your content in emails, newsletters, etc
If you have subscribers to a newsletter, it never hurts to use parts of your old blog as a ‘Daily Tip’ or a ‘Reminder’. This way you can stretch the life of your content by splitting it up and serving it to your readers over the course of a few emails.

2. Get creative with quotes
Utilizing photo-editing software can turn posts into art. Instead of posting about your baby once and then letting it go, you can attach quotes from your blogs to relevant stock photos and use them as filler.

3. Use each number of your list blog as a single piece of content
This one is similar to the first tip, except you’re using a single tip and expanding on it. For list blogs, make a blog per tip until exhausted. If you have a blog listing 10 Brilliant Ways to Turn a Craft into Cash, that’s ten extra blogs that you can expand on. Be sure to let some time pass between each blog to assure the topic doesn’t go stale from overuse.

4. Everyone’s favorite: INFOGRAPHICS
Infographics are perfect for repurposing content. Break your points up and make a fun (and unique) infographic to lure the more visual in your audience.

5. Do a ‘Blog of the Month’
On the homepage of your site, save some space to have a blog of the month feature. Set older blogs to automatically cycle through this section to continue to give your blogs a huge spotlight.

6. Post your blog on LinkedIn
Now that LinkedIn allows users to create content, you can take a blog that may not be doing well on your site and upload it there. LinkedIn posts see a lot more traffic than your site may see, and you’ll get the added bonus of people sharing and discussing your blog (you can also link back to the original to boost visibility to your site).

7. Hey, guys, it’s the anniversary of my amazing content!
Your content is having a birthday. Be a doting parent and be sure to remind people that, a year ago, your content was born and exposed to the world, and that most (if not all) of it still applies.

Of course, it’s important to know when it’s time to lay a good piece of content to rest. Just remember that, with the right tactics, your content is immortal. If you spread it out enough, you can come back to the same content again and again and reach a newer audience each time!