5 Ways to Improve Your Social Media Marketing

Contrary to popular belief, getting through to the right people via social media can be hard. It’s supposed to be about gaining business, but a lot of the time it can seem like you’re talking to yourself. There are plenty of aspects of social media that are left up to saying the right things at the right moment, but it never hurts to implement some simple social tactics to get the conversation moving in the right direction. Below are five ways to do that:

1. Use the Right Platforms
Every business is different. The same applies to social platforms. While Facebook may be an excellent route for B2C, lifestyle blogs and entertainers, it can be a huge waste of resources for B2B marketing. Twitter and LinkedIn, however, have shown again and again that they have what it takes to take B2B businesses straight to their leads.

2. Get Over Yourself!
Of course, the biggest thing to remember is to post amount something other than your brand. You have to assure that you don’t strangle any possible leads with constant posts about your business. When you’re engaging with people on most sites, you’re engaging with them in their own territory. You’re more so trying to build loyalty by showcasing your amazing expertise and put yourself at the forefront of people’s mind when they need what you have.

3. Frequency
It’s a mistake to give your competitors a chance to drown out your posts with their own. Different platforms have different amounts of posting to be successful (Twitter needs the most attention, as your tweets are easily lost depending on the amount of people any given client is following, while Facebook can be updated twice a day and still be successful). No matter your frequency, be sure to post right before, during and a little after the optimal times for your chosen platform. Posting at exact peak moments only sets you up to be drowned out even further by people who had the same idea.

4. Personality
Even when it comes to business, people follow and like you because you’re interesting. When sharing content, be sure to put your own personal touch on it. Share quotes that inspire you, news that has to do with your business, and thoughts of the day. Your audience wants to know that they’re dealing with a real, live person, not a cold, calculating brand.

5. Be a Curator and a Creator
Content is still your best, most successful friend. Combine your own original content with curated content to give you a biggest boost. The curated content shows you have insight into your business model; the original content cements that idea. Combine this with the meat and potato vs. dessert frame of mind (relevant posts and lighthearted posts should both be used on a daily basis) and you have great curated content that entertains and informs your audience, and information about your business and your ability to get the job done.

Remember to be smart, polite, and to always keep put your personality into your posts and you’ll see your engagement rising in no time!


Great Content: How Do I Even Do It?

The world is always changing. It’s something to keep in mind when doing just about anything. Scientists, doctors, inventors, and experts of all kinds are constantly adjusting to bring out the best in what you’re doing and how you do it.

Content is no different. Google has made a lot of changes (in a short amount of time) to what makes your content worthwhile. One of the better changes has been to make content more reader focused. These days, it’s better to write with your audience in mind, not your keywords (though they definitely shouldn’t be tossed out the window just yet). Google’s friendly spiders are getting better and better at figuring out what you’re actually trying to say and who you’re trying to say it to.

When setting out to write good, effective content, the biggest thing to remember is that you’re writing to real people. With this in mind, your content needs to be focused, clear, and entertaining. You want your content to get your point across while also attracting the right visitors. While keywords alone may not be enough anymore, combining great writing with keyword phrases is a big help. When your main topic is centered on kites, for example, you want to be sure that your audience can see that. From the title to the meta description to the body of your work, there should be no question as to what your content is about.

You’re not limited to one keyword per page. Great content involves using keyword phrases and terms to help get your point across and attract the right searches. Multi-tasking is a huge part of SEO rich content, and the keyword phrases you choose can be utilized on the same pages. There’s no need to waste an entire blog on one keyword anymore! Google is now paying attention to your reputation as well. A site that has proven to be a leader in a certain topic in the past has more potential to rank higher and faster. This means that you’re not just waiting to hit the good content lottery. With hard work, you can capitalize on past successes and keep the ball rolling. Reputation also works in your favor by helping you create buzz in other areas. Word of mouth is far from dead and can definitely help boost your site visits (and thus your ranking).

Be sure to measure your success whenever possible. After all, when you do something right you want to do it again. Keep an eye on your traffic to specific pages, blogs, and content in general and match it all up against each other. What are your strong points? What should you be doing more, and what should you be doing less? Learning these things is essential to becoming an expert in content delivery.

Above all else, good content is content that delivers. Your audience decides what stands out and what stands alone. Make sure your content is audience driven at all times (clear, entertaining, and to the point) and you will see results!