How Google’s New Ranking System Affects You


Google has trouble making up its’ mind. One day you’re perfectly happy stuffing keywords, the next you’re blacklisted for it. Another day you’re waltzing around perfectly fine with HTTP, and then they inform you that you’ll need to switch to an HTTPS encryption. These changes may seem random and (to some) annoying, but they’re actually good news for you.

It’s proof that Google is dedicated to being customer driven, and you should be, too.

Google’s newest update involves your url. Sites that are secure (using HTTPS instead of HTTP) will get a slight boost on the search engine’s radar. SEO spiders are now looking at this more favorably, though it apparently isn’t the end all just yet. For now, content is still the undeniable king in the world of SEO, and that’s how the story goes as far as anyone who doesn’t work for Google knows.

With all the noise made about the Heartbleed Bug, it’s no wonder. It’s actually a move in the right direction, especially considering the very delicate nature between internet providers and internet users right now. Having a secure site would give you credibility, and sites with credibility rank higher for Google. They want to make sure they’re represented by safe, quality sites at all times.

It’s pretty simple to start a website with HTTPS encryption from scratch, as outlines by Google in numerous videos (their Youtube channel is very informative). Encrypting your current website is only a little bit harder, but definitely worth the time. You can learn whether your site needs HTTPS encryption by going here.

According to Google, redirecting your webpages should be just fine. As this is a new process, we’ll probably see whether or not this is true in some time, but for now it’s probably a good process to make sure all your urls are HTTPS encrypted.

Though Google has given people easy ways to switch over, some have had problems with the process. If you’re tech savvy you probably already have an easy way to implement this switch. For those without the same technical skills, it’s best to let a professional handle the transfer. Your ranking will take a dive if your URL’s are messy and lead to nowhere.

A big thing to note, however, is that there’s no telling when Google will decide to move this new ranking signal up in importance. Making the change is definitely beneficial, recommended, and important. As Google continues to change, one can only imagine that your visibility and quality will rise with it. This new change only highlights major factors in your site and what consumers are actually paying attention to (as Google seems to be informed when it comes to what consumers want and how to give it to them).