Website Redesign: Tips & Tricks for Building a Competitive Site

Have you sized up your competitors’ website lately? With website design you don’t just want to keep up with the Joneses. You want to outrank the Joneses in your industry with your search engine optimization. After all, most of your new customers are likely to find you while searching the internet and you want to be the one they notice first.


While you don’t want to be just like your competitors it pays to know what they’re doing on their websites. This can help you do better within your industry, especially when it’s time to redesign your own website. Here are tips and tricks Trulium recommends when you want to redesign your website. These can help you to not just keep up with the Joneses but outrank them in today’s competitive marketplace.

  • Determine the best keywords for search engine optimization and rankings within your industry.

Trulium can help you identify them with tools such as Google Analytics or help you refine your market niche.

  • Try doing your own searches and notice what comes up on the web.

This will show you where you are and who shows up along with you.

  • Check out your competitors’ websites and compare them to yours.

Are your competitors’ websites easier to navigate? Are they more organized than yours? Do they contain more content and pages than yours? We don’t recommend copying your competitors, but seeing what they do well or aren’t doing well is very valuable information. Take that kind of data, fill in the gaps for your own business, and redesign your website to be even better and stronger than the rest. This will help you bring in more customers and it will likely boost your search engine optimization.

  • Build a new site with a fresh look, better navigation, and lots of relevant content, plus more ways to generate content.

Identify what works with your old website and add to it. Build clean navigation, better website links, and add more channels for creating new content regularly. These include articles, new ages, blogs, and social media.

  • Create your new website so that you can become a content-generator and an industry expert in your field.

Google rewards you in the search engines for generating fresh, new content on a regular basis. Be sure to build your website with a blog and social media links so you can add new pages easily and quickly.

  • Make sure your new website redesign is responsive design and mobile ready. If your website doesn’t include these elements you are likely losing customers and business.

Today 46% of people use their mobile devices exclusively to search the web. (Statistic from It’s critical you redesign your website to be responsive design and mobile – meaning that the website is designed so that the layout adjusts to be readable and accessible from multiple formats (computers, smart phones, tablets, and mobile devices).

Customize your website redesign to beat the competition today

A customized website redesign can put your boost your business and search engine optimization almost immediately, but you’ll also want to make sure it’s done right from the beginning. Otherwise it can fail. At Trulium we understand the complexity that a website redesign entails. It takes professionalism, experience, attention to details, and web designers who care about and listen to your specific and unique business needs, and who also understand the evolving nature of SEO. That’s what you get here at Trulium. We take the guess work out of website redesign and make it easy, manageable, and affordable