10 Tips for Business Blogging

A business blog can be a great tool to generate new content, keep traffic coming to your website, and boost your Search Engine Optimization. Here are 10 tips we suggest to succeed at business blogging.

  • Start with identifying keywords for business and your audience/customer base you want to attract.
  • Decide which app you’ll use to host your blog. Then set it up with your website. (We, at Trulium, can help.)
  • Generate a list of relevant topics. Your writing voice should be more casual and less marketing heavy. Remember: This is a GREAT chance to educate the public about what your business does and the services you offer.
  • Set goals that you want to achieve with your blog. Is it your goal to inform people about what you do or about your new products? Is it to generate more traffic or content to your website? Or is it to bring more sales to your business? All of these aims are possible with a blog.
  • Set up and maintain a schedule for blog posts. Be sure to check it regularly and be ready to answer questions and generate discussions around topics.
  • Designate a team to help you with your blog, especially if you are busy running other aspects of your business. (Again, this is where we, at Trulium, can help.)
  • Mix up ideas and topics on your blog. Examples: Current sales or promotions; discussions that affect your industry; customer success stories; idea lists; news topics; employee or company highlights; answers to common customer questions; top 10 lists; etc.
  • Include artwork, photos, statistics, and graphics often when you can. It helps people relate to your topics and what you do.
  • Set up analytics and track for lead generation from topics.
  • Create a sense of community and keep going with it. It can take time to get rolling, but once a blog takes off, it can provide your company with a great source for new marketing and fresh ideas.

Got a question or idea you want to discuss? Feel free to reply to this blog or contact us at Trulium.